New Technology for 2020 ~ Bending the Possibilities

There is a Brave New World out There!
Take two steps back and look at your operating desk in your shack. For some it may be a 72 in Screen flashing data from the $10K SDR transceiver that looks at 30 MHz of spectrum at one time. I look at a smaller screen and a lot less spectrum.

( This is only a 7" inch screen and looking only at 48kHz)
For others it may be several operating positions featuring some of the Big Box Boat Anchors of the 1960/1970 Glory Days.
For others it may be a modest few pieces of homebrew gear operating QRP. Some may only operate HF while others are operating EME moonbounce and tracking satellites across the sky. 
There is perhaps only one common thread in these several subsets. They are hams period. True some may contest and some just operate; but that just gives us a Venn Diagram of the sub-populations. Actually I could claim ownership in several of the groups; but I belong to most likely a smaller subset who actually likes to build their rigs. 
Technology advance…

New Technology for 2020 ~ Lockdown Special Part III

Moving  beyond the Nano VNA and back to the Lockdown Special.August 12, 2020 ~ Some Reference Points
Based on the You Tube Video for the Lockdown Special I have received some interesting inquiries. One inquiry was where can I get  circuit boards and where can the manual be downloaded. There are no circuit boards!There is no manual! In my response back, I did suggest visiting this blog as much of the detail has already been posted.
I do have several websites where there is voluminous detail on prior projects and various circuits. Many of those circuits are used in the Lockdown Special. The one critical requirement -- you have to know how to read and must rely on reading versus downloading.
So here are a listing of varous websites, where three of them are radio related and the fourth covers cooking.The oldest website is listed first and that covers projects going back 10 to 15 years. Some of the projects actually have tubes. Next is one that has more recent projects some of which involve pub…

New Technology for 2020 ~ SDR RADIG #2 Part II

SDR #2 ~ Some Details and Info ~ The Lockdown Special!August 5, 2020 ~A Tale of Two VNA Software Packages
I am certain there are those out there using the Nano VNA who will ask what is he talking about? At issue, if the software is not user friendly then it was written for a developer and not the user. Guy, I am only asking what time it is and not how to 3D print a watch. So for this tool to be useful then it must be user friendly.
A fellow ham put me on to another Nano VNA variant and I am supposing he is suggesting the use of  training wheels as this program will even run under Windows XP. The program is called Nano VNA MOD (not exactly the title but close). The fact there is such a program suggests that Nano VNA Saver must be ...
So taking my two section 40M BPF I plotted the response in both the MOD and the Saver variants. At no time did I change anything on the hardware but only called up the software programs. Here are the two plots.
This is the MOD plot and the plus factors is a lo…