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Pooph -- Gone!

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Closed for Business!

The N6QW Blog is now Deactivated! Thank you for riding along. Based on some recent discourse regarding my former projects, it is time to get off the stage and let others take up the homebrew torch.  My time availability is another factor. However, should there be any new stuff coming from the N6QW Laboratories, it will not be documented on my several websites or openly shared on any blog. I enjoy homebrewing and feel no need to having to defend why I do not create complete schematics but build in Modules.  A Block Diagram is how I start, and I simply fill in the Module blocks often with formerly used and proven circuits. WYKSYCDS! On or about January 1, 2023, I will remove all of the former Blog postings and thus all of the information will disappear into the sunset. A friend of long ago (Hal Parker) shared with me an important life lesson. He said: "Put your finger into a glass of water and remove it quickly. Then immediately look to see the hole that remains. There is none!"

You Can Build This!

A Rant Email! One of my projects in 2021 was the P3ST (AKA PSSST), a 7 transistor SSB transceiver which even found its way onto "hackaday". I even spent more time documenting the project than actually building the hardware. An .io group was started (not by me) and the project has essentially died the death from lack of interest. This morning several emails were generated from the group inquiring if the project was still alive. Essentially these were individuals of interest but who had done nothing on the project as they were overwhelmed by the documentation. My read was that someone wanted a kit where they could stuff parts on a board. But in reality, I realized I failed!  Here was my response. Mind you my bent is somewhat bent because the opportunities for me personally to homebrew another project are over! But for others it is not -- get on with it! Hi All,   I should confess that I spent more time documenting the P3ST than actually building the rig. My intent was to p

The Next Project Updated 10/10/2022! The rubber has hit the pavement!

The Next Project... A 2022 Transceiver. 10/10/2022 My Apologies. It is with regret that I will be terminating any further work on this project. My caregiver duties have over time become a greater time sink and it is almost impossible to build something working only 10-15 minutes at a time spread out over a day. I apologize for not getting it from design ideas to complete hardware. Most likely I have built the last transceiver I will ever build. Thanks for riding along. My website  has the pdf of the postings and I will leave this blog page as is. 73's Pete N6QW 10/05/2022 Still Alive! Regrettably my caregiver duties have overtaken any free time so not much progress. But I am hopeful yet this week I will cut at least one board. A PSA from N6QW.  Think of it like Mary Jo has a "crink" in her back and unable to get in the backseat of the 57 VW Beetle. A bit of a setback but not forever.  Seems like the hired caregiver had a small emergency and not able