Radios of the Past -- When this was a different country.

A Time When There Was Joy!

Tomorrow will be December 1st and that brings me back to many fond memories of growing up in Western Pennsylvania just a hair north of the city of Pittsburgh. With Thanksgiving over, December 1st signaled it was the time when the local radios stations (KDKA, WCAE and KQV) pumped out non-stop Christmas music. For those youngsters reading this, the time frame was the late 1940's early 1950's. There were but two TV stations in Pittsburgh and the saturation of TV Set ownership was maybe 10 to 12%. Thus the old broadcast band radio was our entertainment. We even had a radio station in my hometown of New Kensington, where Michael Felak droned out the news and Bob Livorio was our local dis jockey hero.
It was a special time for me, as my birthday was but a few weeks away and as luck would have it exactly one week before Christmas. My Mom's birthday was December 5th and there were several others aunts/cousins whose birthday were interspersed between the 5th and 18th. So every weekend in December was a party. Thus we had the music and we had celebrations.
The very best celebration was December 1945, where my Dad and four uncles all were released from the US Army in time to be home for Christmas. This was a special celebration for one of my Uncle's who spent two years in a German POW camp.  Uncle Frank shared with us that on two prior years on Christmas that the packages that were sent via the Red Cross were smashed to bits right before their eyes.  My Uncle Carmine told stories about all the native girls he met while he was island hopping across the Pacific. I thought about Uncle Carmine a lot while I spent some time in the Pacific --never did see all those gorgeous women he spoke of in such glowing terms.
January 1 was often a sad day in that the music was over and we had celebrated so much that I gained about 10 pounds. But it was a good time.
Given what is happening here in the USA today I long for those good old days. Let us be honest our government is in chaos and is adrift. A big thank you to those who wanted the swamp drained! The old adage --be careful for what you wish for has such a truth to it.
I am personally appalled at all of those who have been identified with sexual assault, sexual harassment and having egos so big that they honestly believe they can get away with it. Shame on them!
What happened to the Christmas music non-stop on KQV hosted by Ray Noble, and where are all of the celebrations?
Stay tuned --a whole new raft of projects are lined up on the bench.
Pete N6QW


  1. Brovo Pete! Couldn’t agree more. I was ‘brand new’ in 1949 so don’t know much about that time. But have heard the stories and watched Mayberry FRD enough to wish for those times again.
    I just hope we as a country can pull out of this tail spin.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Tail spin is a polite way to say it. I will temper my real thoughts on the matter. Happy Holidays to you and your family.



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