Holiday Break ~ N6QW on Hiatus

2018 is Almost Here!

In a few short weeks we will be in a new year and thus I am taking a break from posting any information about radio/electronic projects. The past year has been chock full of  SSB Transceiver projects and I am happy to report that the pile of projects that were successful and work reliably has grown significantly this year. I would like to take credit and say it is all about my skillfulness and homebrew "knack". But that is not the truth! It is technology that has been the real winner.
There is so much new technology that is now available to us that it is very hard to keep up. The other side of the coin --is that the technology is really "cheap". That is not a derisive "cheap" but a low cost (a high quality) cheap. Just bought two 160X128 Color TFT Displays -- $10 and 10 days to my door . You have seen these units before (below). So OK in the second photo it is a bit of in your face with the last line. But that is also a message --you don't have to be a Genius to use this technology.
To that end I did have to read up and study how it is done and I must acknowledge the many hams that really know how to do this stuff that are willing to help. That is what is so great about this hobby.
But to that end I did get an email recently where I was asked to redesign the Simpleceiver Plus SSB to fit what this ham had in his junk box and that I should provide him a schematic with the changes and artwork so he could have boards made in China. Well guys that is something I won't do and didn't do. You do have to invest some time in learning about the technology and there are tools to assist you --like LT Spice.
The very best of the Holiday Season to you and your families. I will be spending time with my family over the holidays --hard as it will be to resist sneaking out to the shop and heating up the iron. There are five transceiver projects on the bench awaiting my attention.
Pete N6QW


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    1. Thanks for your post. I tell my XYL that all the time --she hasn't believed me and it is now going on 50 years.

      Pete N6QW

  2. Hi Pete,
    Nice display, I don't see it as in your face, seems ok to me.
    in fact is there any chance of a copy of the code to play with? (9mHz filter).
    Best Regards ,Seasons greetings to you & Family.
    Thank you for all your postings to date, I have looked forward to reading them, and once I have moved to the new shack I hope to start building a few.

    73 Peter (GW4ZUA)

    1. Hi Peter,

      Send an email to and the code is yours. The filter is from the GQRP club store.

      Pete N6QW

  3. Hey Santa Pete, looks like you need to grow a white beard!!! Thanks for sharing your exploits for another year. Seasons greetings and 73's to you and your family.

    Dean AC9JQ

  4. Well at least they didn't ask you to build it for them and ship it before Christmas.

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all you've shared. It's a priceless gift.


  5. Merry Christmas Pete and all the best for 2018.



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