2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

Something Old Something New!

2009 Homebrew SS Tri-Band HW-101

Follow the link above the you tube and click on 2009 Tri-Band XCVR
There is a complete project description with schematics and detailed photos

Shown above/ below is a rig I built in 2009 but unfortunately when my XYL's health forced a move back to Southern California resulted in the rig being given away. At times you have to make tough choices and this was one of them.

Shown above is a triband (40, 20 and 15 M) solid state version of the Heathkit HW-100/101. Yes it uses a crystal filter and heterodyne crystals from the heathkit rigs. 

  • The first conversion is to 8.395 MHz with a 5 MHz PTO liberated from a Ten Tec Triton 4 as was the main tuning knob and control knobs. Yes the S Meter is from a heathkit transceiver
  • The second IF is 3.395 MHz which was the stock heathkit crystal filter. thus 8.395 -5 = 3.395.
  • The rig had selectable USB and LSB 
  • To get the display to read properly I came up with an unusual scheme where I sampled the heterodyne frequency  and the VFO and mixed those in an SBL-1 and then ran that through band pass filters so that the result was always the true transmit frequency. That hair ball idea actually worked. The circuit board behind the LCD box in the photo below is that assembly. Oh the LCD counter had a pre-load of the IF frequency 3.395 MHz.
  • The original bread board for the rig is shown below and for almost a month I operated the rig on three bands. That is when I learned that you should think about the size of the enclosure before you build the rig. I was able to cram everything into a box 1/2 cubic foot --12 x 12 X 6 inches high.
  • First mistake -- I made it a QRP rig. With how good it turned out, it should have been a 100 watt rig. I had plans to add a 100 watt brick from a Ten Tec Omni 6+ which I had but in 2013 the move made that not happen. 
  • The AGC is applied to the 1st IF stage and is a somewhat modified version of the W7ZOI HyCas. The AGC is only used on receive. On transmit a fixed voltage is applied to set the stage gain. the option would be to add ALC.
  • The IF stage wrapped around the heathkit filter is a bilateral circuit developed by G4GXO. The device can be either a 3N209 or a pair of J310's in cascade. [Do you see how this work with the J310's ended up in the 2017/2018 Simpleciever transceiver.

The Original Bread Board of the Tri-Bander

This once again demonstrates that a high quality transceiver can be homebrewed. In passing I did receive several offers from Non-US hams to purchase this rig. In addition this was one of my most popular You Tube videos

Pete N6QW


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