2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

6/1 ~ More Progress on the Touch Screen

Start Drooling -- you too can have one of these --www.kookye.com Buy it at Amazon.

Pete N6QW

5/24 ~ A Dual Conversion Transceiver!

Perhaps one of the most sterling examples of a Double Conversion Transceiver is the UBitx which is currently enjoying international acclaim and wide spread "tinkering".

In 2012 I built the KWM-4 which was a double conversion with a 1st IF of 10,7 MHz and used an FM type crystal filter for the 1st IF and that signal was mixed with a fixed 10.245 MHz crystal oscillator to result in a difference of 455 kHz. That worked very well using the cylindrical (early KWM2 style) filter. So now I have two Collins 455 kHz, mechanical filters with one at 2.1 kHz Band Width (bathtub later version) and a second at 3.2 kHz cylindrical type. These are begging to be used in a new rig.

My earlier venture used a K5BCQ Si-570 board to control frequencies using channels for LSB and USB. In essence I shifted the 1st LO frequency just a bit up/down to account for the USB/LSB shift with a fixed frequency 2nd oscillator. Now using the 3rd clock on the Si5351 I can shift that 2nd mixer frequency up/down just a bit in synchronization with the USB LSB switch. Bottom line the displayed frequency doesn't shift when you change sidebands. Another bonus -- 17 Meters which is a problem when you use a 9 MHz single conversion IF.

The double  conversion enables many possibilities. BTW am only using about 12% of the MEGA storage. A seed for thought how to makes this work with the Iowa Hills software so we can add digital filtering for DSP.  I haven't explored this as yet but I think the kookye.com display can have selectable display screens -- hmmm a second screen with a waterfall so I can see the energy below 300 hertz.

5/20 Functionalities: What You Get?

A recap of what you get with this new display:

  1. For starters about 16M colors 256^3
  2. Large display area 3.2 X 2.4 Inches
  3. Fonts such as the Seven Segment Numerical Display
  4. Integral Arduino Mega 2560 with Adapter Plate 
  5. 300K Program Space ~ 50+ Digital Pins and 16 Analog Pins
  6. This specific display "Juliano Blue" has USB/LSB Select
  7. Tune function with Flashing LED and Green LED Transmit
  8. On PTT Green LED Display to show "On the Air".
  9. Large 7 Segment Display of Frequency with NO Flickering
  10. Band Switch with 5 Bands installed ~ Using a 12 position switch that can be 12 bands
  11. Step tuning rate select ~ now three rates [ 100Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz] but can be six.
  12. Bar Graph S Meter ~ Lime Green
  13. Additional features that can be added such as High SWR LED or High Temp LED or even High Temp Linear Amp LED.
  14. The TUNE Function provides a Timed, Pulsed 988 Hz Tone dumped into the Balanced Modulator after suitable off board filtering to make it look more like a Sine Wave.
  15. The access to the Digital/Analog Pins is through right angle header pins. 

For the first foray using this new display this is all done in the "manual mode". The next phase will be with the touch screen push buttons and the Analog Meter.

Ok you EMRFD and UBitx illuminati --where is yours?

Pete N6QW

5/19 Analog Panel Meter on a Touch Screen Color TFT

Corrected Version

Juliano Blue!

5/18 Color TFT Touch Screen Video

320X240 Touch Screen with Integral Mega2560
Available @ Amazon
Purchase through the SolderSmoke Blog


  1. Nice photo Pete. That's not the Sprat cover display is it? Is it a "touch sensitive" type?

  2. I agree with Mikele. Oh boy - that does look good Pete.

  3. Nice work Pete, is that a similar device to the Nextion?

    1. Hi Rob,

      Similar and a touch screen. I ordered this one since it comes as an integral assembly including a Mega2560. I have it programmed it to take one of the earlier sketches I made for a 160x128 Color TFT. I have most of the functions working with this display and the Mega2560.

      It has touch panel functionality which has not been implemented at this time. I have taken a phased approach --get it 100% working in the "manual mode" and then add the touch panel to replace some (but not all) of the manual modes.

      Am just about finished with the transition and the next step is to add a few wires and controls, plus the Si5351 and then run some tests. One test is to evaluate any noise that is introduced into the radio

      Noteworthy the programming is very much simplified -- I have been able to remove many lines of code. See www.rinkydinkelectronics.com.

      But hey what do I know I an not an EMRFD or UBitx illuminati and can't even call my self a hacker --just plodding along and sometimes you get lucky.

      Pete N6QW

  4. Bravo amico mio,thanks for sharing new video,amazing 😉

  5. Well done with the analogue meter. Time better spent than watching a certain wedding on TV!

  6. I would also like to change the frequency BFO from rotary encoder Pete....

    1. Have never done that but am sure someone has.


  7. I think the correct math is
    Y = sqrt(r^2 - x^2)
    73 de addi / dc0dw

  8. Very nice, Pete! I've got one of the Nextion TFTs waiting to go into a new rig... Never worked with one before, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

    1. Hi Steve, yes these new displays are amazing --lots to learn. Thanks for your post.

  9. Very very interesting progress..i follow, Pete.

    1. Mikele how is transceiver project going?
      Rob 2E1IIP

  10. Bravo amico mio...amazing 👍👌👌

  11. Hi Mikele,

    There is no one more amazed than me. This is somewhat arcane but at last we got it working!


  12. I read with sadness on your other site that you are not going to blog anymore Pete. I do hope you reconsider. Blogging is not about the reader, its about the writer and hopefully this blog will be a legacy that endures long after out time here has expired.

    I know I have enjoyed and been inspired by your postings. Hope all is well with you and yours. Rob

  13. It just keeps getting better! Bravo!


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