2018 ~ The year of SSB Transceivers

Boat Anchor to Silk Purse.

Start looking for some old boat anchors as they offer possibilities for upgrading to modern radios. 

Right now I am personally trying to locate a reasonable condition, reasonably priced Heathkit Hot Water HW-32 or HW-32A. The plan --Color TFT/Arduino/Si5351 upgrade so it will have full band coverage and offer switchable sidebands. Possibly even CW with the 3rd Clock.

Email me at n6qwham@gmail.com  if you have one of these rigs hiding in your garage and are looking for a new home for this jewel of the 1960's. Remember reasonable condition and low cost.

If I can do this to a HW-101 just think what a HW-32 or 32A would look like.


Pete N6QW


  1. Oh man, I have an HW101 on the shelf that is just begging me to be transitorized. And the HW-32A is near to my heart -- that was my first SSB rig. I had to build the power supply from an old TV. Somehow, I survived.

  2. Mamma mia,i never seen such a crazy homebuilder from you...go Pete,go 😁😁😁😛

  3. Nicely done Pete, Looks really good.


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