Friday, August 3, 2018

2018 ~ The year of SSB Transceivers

Boat Anchor to Silk Purse.

Start looking for some old boat anchors as they offer possibilities for upgrading to modern radios. 

Right now I am personally trying to locate a reasonable condition, reasonably priced Heathkit Hot Water HW-32 or HW-32A. The plan --Color TFT/Arduino/Si5351 upgrade so it will have full band coverage and offer switchable sidebands. Possibly even CW with the 3rd Clock.

Email me at  if you have one of these rigs hiding in your garage and are looking for a new home for this jewel of the 1960's. Remember reasonable condition and low cost.

If I can do this to a HW-101 just think what a HW-32 or 32A would look like.


Pete N6QW


  1. Oh man, I have an HW101 on the shelf that is just begging me to be transitorized. And the HW-32A is near to my heart -- that was my first SSB rig. I had to build the power supply from an old TV. Somehow, I survived.

  2. Mamma mia,i never seen such a crazy homebuilder from you...go Pete,go 😁😁😁😛

  3. Nicely done Pete, Looks really good.


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