Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 ~ The Year of Change ...

2019 N6QW New Year's Resolutions!

  • My Soldering Iron will always be Clean and Bright!
  • I will RTM before starting any project.
  • I will have the bins always stocked with parts.
  • I will endeavor to keep the work bench neat and tidy!
  • I will unsubscribe from certain reflectors.
  • I will endeavor to use my website as the only place to share ham related info.
  • I will wean myself from making trivial electronic videos on You Tube.
  • I will endeavor to "step up" the technical aspects of my projects. 
  • Closing Out 2018 Projects...

Happy New Year from N6QW.



  1. Happy new year to you. I like you resolutions but I need different ones. My starting list looks like:
    I will have the soldering iron hot much more often than I do.
    I will get some bins for my parts.
    I will repair the broken stuff already on the workbench (including test gear) before starting another project.
    I will unsubscribe from a lot of junk email.
    I will catch up on my image processing in Photoshop.

    I still have about 30 hours to finalize my list. (It wind up being "I'll do better in 2019 that in 2018.")

  2. amico...EU is in new yearrrr ;)
    happy new year dear Pete and also for your family...and for all amateurs on the blog ,73 de 9a3xz,Mikele
    and many many new rigs on 2019.;) :)


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