Thursday, July 11, 2019

RADIG ~ Ham Radio's New Tsunami ~ Issue 8

Operation on other Bands.

The original "band of design" was 40 Meters and given our sunspot activity this affords us an opportunity to work DX as well as local rag chews. 

This morning around 0 dark 30 (6;00 AM Pacific Time) I was hearing stations from Australia and Indonesia. I was also hearing stations in the mid-west. By about 10:00 AM is just Murray's net on 7.235 MHz and stations in California, Arizona and I think Utah were heard. So it is not surprising that one would ask about other bands on the RADIG.

I have built Band Pass Filters for three bands 80/40/20 Meters and you can see these haywired into the RADIG. For more permanent usage --plug in filter boards is a must.

Here we see a snap of the 80M on top and the 20M right below that and this board is actually resting on the 40 Meter set of filters. I do have LOW pass filters for the bands and these were put in line when I tested the other bands. 

General Conclusions with the existing configuration. 

  • The RADIG really shines on 80 and 40 Meters. With the minimum configuration we have, the rig is very sensitive on these two bands. 
  • A contact was made on 20M and the RADIG got high marks from the other station who was using a FLEX6700. This station had a GPS locked LO that was able to measure the difference between the frequency shown on the RADIG and what he was measuring -- the difference was an astonishing 14 Hz high. Now before I calibrated it there was a frequency difference of almost 3.7 kHz from the display to actual. He strongly suggested I change it so the difference would be "0". Well guys there is a law of diminishing returns and I consider 14 Hz as not broke!
  • The 20M experience (late in the afternoon) left me a bit wanting as it appeared the 20M signals were not as sensitive as on 40 or 80 Meters. My beam is broken so I was using the dipole and that might account for some difference. Don't take my comments the wrong way. It is perfectly usable on 20M -- just that not unlike one of my former Drake TR-7's it did not seems as sensitive on the higher bands. One issue may be the J310 amp stage that may need an additional evaluation to boost its gain above 10 MHz. 
  • Below is a video from a recent Vintage SSB Net on 75Meters

In passing I know of a couple of RADIG's under construction and even have seen some photos of the QUISK Spectrum and waterfall displays from other builder's. In addition several modifications are already being developed by others. 

If I understood some of what was shared with me -- remote operation of the RADIG is being evaluated --just like the Big Boys. I know no more than what I have told you. Keep in mind my software limitations BUT the RADIG project has opened some doors for others to take a Giant Leap forward.

Stay tuned...

Pete N6QW

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