It is like the very famous Agatha Christie Novel...

[Thomas Paine Must Have Had Future Vision!]

As I sit riveted to cable news, one thought keeps surfacing, that great movie based on Agatha Christie's novel. Yes, I am talking about Murder on the Orient Express!

The ending of the movie shows clear evidence that they all did it! 

Wow that was a shocker! Now we have those foreign country scandals and more players are "being rounded up in the list of usual suspects". (Like in the movie Casablanca.)

Is it possible that the drag net becomes so large and snares so many that the final outcome is we have the first female President? Wow that is sure to give rise to a lot of sleepless nights for the emperor (small e) and his retinue. Look what the dragnet turned up. Some in the Italian community are now calling Rudy IINO (Italian In Name Only).

My soldering iron is cold as I try to keep a scorecard of who is who on the list of alleged suspects.

Is there that one possibility --they all did it? 

We also think of that famous line from Shakespeare. "Me thinks he doth protest too much."

Stay tuned to cable news-- the best parts are yet to come. 

There was a trial balloon premise on one of the internet news sources... President Pence … wow some one is sure moving the needle fast forward.

Some in Washington today might be thinking of potential future attire in lieu of those $3000 suits they now wear. 

BTW the Orange Jump Suit comes in Size 3X --easily will fit a large man or woman -- about 250 pounds is max. 

 So OK -- some ham stuff …

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