Why it is important to join the GQRP Club?

When you know stuff, You can do Stuff!

Yesterday to once again demonstrate that I can do stuff, I made some changes to the Arduino and Si5351 LO/BFO board and re-installed those two on the CRAP rig. Here you see it working on WSPR. Pretty Cool! Yes that is the Cool Blue 16X2 LCD.

Now on to a problem. Recently for The Paesano rig, I installed a new library to use with the 65K Color OLED. This is a universal library intended to use with all sorts of displays and one variant works with the ST-7735 type of display which is similar to the ST-7735 library used with the normal Color TFT displays I have used in the past.

Long story short, on some of the older projects I have developed using the Color TFT when you try to load them --you get an error message about pixel height. The sketches with the Color OLED's and as well as those using the LCD's are not affected. 

That could be a disaster! But since this is not my 1st Rodeo, previously I loaded IDE 1.8.5 on a separate (emergency) Windows 10 computer along with all of the sketches prior to the Color OLED foray. So I can still load the old sketches but not on the same computer.

I am still scratching my head over this.

Pete N6QW


Why Join the GQRP Club?

The "WHY", if all goes per plan, is that in December 2019, details of a new SSB Transceiver from N6QW will be published in the GQRP Club SPRAT. 

If you are not a GQRP Club member then you are WRONG!!!!

The new Rig  called "The Paesano", meaning Buddy,  is a 20 Meter SSB Transceiver featuring Dual VFO's and a 5 watt output. The 2nd VFO boots up on FT-8. The long form title is ..

The Paesano - A Left Coast SSB Transceiver.

Info will be provided for either 20 Meter or 40 Meter Operation. Shown above is the code for 40 Meters.

Basically, N6QW, the Ham Genius, has taken the Perigrino featured in SPRAT Issue #179, and with a bit of his usual magic made it into The Paesano.

A 9 MHz commercial INRAD filter and a couple of NE602's and you are in business.

If you are not a GQRP Club Member you will miss out -- you best get cracking!

Pete, N6QW

I am surprised no one has said...

"Russia if you are listening, if you have it, then it is time to publish a you tube video of the Sondland/emperor call of July 26th, 2019."

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