The New Technology for 2020

Golden Age of Ham Homebrewing!

2-7-2020 … Small explosion and fire!
Note the hole in the CPU of a Teensy 3.5. It was indeed a small explosion and a ball of fire and a bit of acrid smoke. Things are always interesting in my shack!


We are but just a few short weeks into the new year and already we are seeing many new gizmo's and devices that will light up our rigs.

There are a host of new Single Board Computers that are soon to hit the market with most aimed at competing with the Raspberry Pi4 --not only the same price but the same spec's. 

Let us also not forget the new crop of Microcontrollers like the Teensy 4.0 and the STM769. They are fast, have loads of capability and relatively easy to deploy.

It is inevitable that all of our future radios including the homebrew gear will have some form of a small form factor single board computer or microcontroller directing traffic. The icing on the cake is the displays and many now being used are touch screen.

The tilt with these many SBC's and Microcontrollers on steroids is the SDR form of a rig. The waterfalls are ever alluring and once you have one you don't want to go back.

The new ICOM IC705 is about to hit the streets and if what I saw is correct -- very tough choice as the pricing is on the same level as the ICOM IC-7300. With the built in battery it will do 5 watts and I believe it is all bands all modes. If you supply house juice --it can do 10 watts. Add a CCI 100 watt linear amp and you are smoking hot.

This is the Golden Age! I have a lot of stuff on my bench using many  of these new technology pieces -- some even survived the small explosion and fire that happened today on my workbench. Thank God for Amazon, and plastic purchasing.

Stay tuned.

Pete N6QW

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