New Technology for 2020 ~ Repurposing Broken Stuff!

Back Yard Operation for Field Day!

Recently I have built two transceivers and now comes Field Day and the opportunity to use these rigs and  operate from my postage stamp sized back yard. In keeping with the Portable/Field Day theme I had to come up with an comparable "Field Day" antenna.

So I looked around my junk pile of stuff and spotted the camera tripod that had broken plastic parts (the parts used to hold the camera) and then I also spotted my 40M Hustler that I used mobile when I had a Jeep Wrangler. 

Boom a few minutes of thought while drinking my 9th cup of coffee for the day and we had an antenna. Essentially it is a mobile whip which should radiate poorly in all directions -- but nonetheless shows what can be done with some junk around the house. 

I am sort of impressed at  this antenna, if you were use it all of the time -- everything comes apart and the size is a small lightweight bundle with the longest piece about 5 foot long. It will easily fit in the trunk of your car.

I can see I need to even out the legs and using that spool of crappy wire I will add six 33 foot elevated ground plane radials which will also help stabilize the tripod. 

Pete N6QW

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