New Technology Wish List for 2021 ~ What we need.

Less than 4 Weeks until 2021 --- Looking ahead to what is needed from Technology!

December 7, 2020 Never Forget Pearl Harbor -- A Day of Infamy

More things that I wished could be cured with a liberal dose of New Technology. Butt ...

Pete N6QW

We have seen some pretty amazing technology advances this year and many have or will directly affect our hobby. Today I saw a single board computer for sale on Amazon (~ $60) that is geared toward AI and has a built in high quality display so it will follow faces and do facial recognition. Imagine saying --tune 7.255 MHz so I can hear a bunch of supposed adults use profane and vulgar language. Boom, your rig does just that and tunes 7.255 Megahertz! Wow!

But here are some technology things I would like to see come out in 2021. 

  • A filter system implemented on January 20th 2021, that  for Trump, anytime he tweets or opens his mouth or tries to hold a rally it is automatically filtered from my computer, phone and TV. This would do much to heal this nation. It would be fitting if Science/Technology made Trump irrelevant!
  • A non-run, non-drip quick application hair dye for Rudy Giuliani. The same goes for a filter for his gibberish and rantings.
  • A $50 SDR Transceiver that really works. (Sorry uSDX!)
  • Covid19 Vaccines that work and have 95% efficacy and no side effects. [It is the everyone wants to go to heaven; but few want to be first conundrum. The ever lingering question: Are they safe for us OT's. Trump's stamp on this I liken to his shoving a black light up your butt to kill Covid19.] Sorry guys -- I lived in Missouri for 11 years and that is why they call it the Show Me State. Can anyone with certainty specify that the long term side effects are well understood? Just look at how the national response to this Pandemic has been mismanaged by Trump and his team. These are the same guys saying Trust Us?  Science tells us to fully explore any new vaccines or drugs and that has two facets: efficacy and side effects. One we are told that they know (efficacy based on press releases) and the other we don't have a clue. Just think the 1st to get the vaccines are the health care workers. Just suppose something goes horribly wrong, because we do not know the side effects* and in one action we do irreparable damage to our only life line. I am not anti-vaccine; but I would like to see the data regarding efficacy and long term side effects. Likely it will be hidden from us. There is a deep distrust of Trump and the HHS. The term dying to be first to get the vaccine may be prophetic!
  • That through technology, new high quality jobs are created here and world wide.

Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and the bright spot is Trump will be irrelevant in about 52 days.

Pete N6QW

* About 10 years ago my XYL was prescribed some new medication by one of her doctor's. I hadn't heard of this med and so I did a bit of research on the product. In the fine print was a statement about a particular side effect that would cause death if another condition was present. The XYL had that very condition being treated by a different doctor. When I told her physician prescribing the med--He said Thank God you looked as it would indeed have killed her. So side effects are a sore subject with me. In this case the side effects were known; but for the Covid19 Vaccines there is likely Zero data/research and the excuse --once deployed we'll know, is simply unacceptable.

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