New Technology for 2020 ~ The Hermes Lite 2.0 SDR Transceiver

The Hermes Lite 2.0 SDR Transceiver.October 28, 2020 ~ HL2 on 4 Computers!
WSJTX Partially Working ~ ##@@????
Windows 10 was a bust not only on upgrading the Windows 7 Machine but Installing QUISK on a 2nd Windows 10 Machine! For those who know: Stick with the Linux Platforms!!!!! Forget that Windows 10 BS!
Exciting news the HL2 is now working on the more powerful (64 Bit) Mint Machine and the two ASUS Tinker Board! OK here is the story on how that happened. By DS Luck I got it to work on the 1st Mint machine (32 Bit) and that was pure luck. 

Try as I might I could not make it work on the bigger 64 Bit machine nor the ASUS Tinker Board machines (where it did work previously) simply by pushing buttons. So then I thought -- let us get organized. I took photos of all of the network settings on the 32 Bit Machine and then replicated those on the 64 Bit machine and the two Tinker Boards. A restart of all the Computers and the HL2 and that single Run Light on the HL2 came on and sounds from the…

New Technology for 2020 ~Challenging the Creative Juices -- IUWIH

Here We Go Again -- More TransceiversOctober 17, 2020 ~ From This to This
Simple -- it is 75 years worth of time and world indifference. Get out and vote or the next photo will have Godless Zombies in charge. 
The Emperor should be very careful what he says about Locking People Up. Karma is a bitch and it will be interesting to see what plays out. 
73's Pete N6QW

October 13, 2020
Update on my uSDX Transceiver project.
I found the project interesting and has a lot of inbred creativity. That said I have not been successful in achieving a quality output signal in SSB. I am perhaps not alone and for those who have given glowing reports of 5X9 signals with amazing audio, there are two explanations. 
The first is that they are smoking some of that funny stuff that is a major cash crop here on the left coast and/or the second they have no clue of what a good quality SSB signals should sound like.
My signal quality on Transmit is distorted, it is wideband and the opposite sideband suppression is n…

New Technology for 2020 ~ SDR Technology will forever change and impact our hobby.

The Last 90 Days of 2020 ~ What lies ahead?
Hey Mitch McConnell it is perfectly  OK to visit the White House -- the President got the miracle cure from God! See he was sick and got well so quickly! The emperor (with the small e)  says everyone can get his cure. Be NOT Afraid!
SSB Tests of the uSDX ~ Real Awful!
Using my HB RADIG I listened to the uSDX transmitting into a dummy load. The signal was terrible! I think there maybe a board/firmware issue. The second half of the video was run to show my HB SDR is working and copying good quality signals.
My uSDX board is not ready for Prime Time. BTW  I also note that SSB receive is not as good as my RADIG. Are there issues with the V1.02 Board? 
Those who have reported amazing results on SSB (receive and transmit) seem to be using something other than the V1.02 -- they are using a  modified QCX board (I believe that to be true). Is there a clue there? I may have misstated something; but that does appear to be the case.
Caution is a good word whe…