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May 16, 2022, ~ A 5% Effort ~ The 20M Shirt Pocket SSB Transceiver

The 95% Club ~ Are You a member? Update May 16th, 2022. The 20M Shirt Pocket Transceiver. A long time ago I authored about a dozen articles for QRP Quarterly. I no longer subscribe to that magazine nor contribute articles, therefore have no clue about any innovative projects that may have recently appeared. Let us just say I will not be creating any future articles for publication in QQ nor rejoining QRPARCI.  I have of recent times heard from some hams the current publication is a bit thin. I have no actual knowledge of this but only share what has been stated to me. Of all of the pieces I submitted for publication two were perhaps some of the most innovative and greatest technical challenges to me personally and those were the KWM-4 SSB/CW Transceiver and the 20M Shirt Pocket Transceiver. BTW my KWM-4 solved the Collins KWM-2 CW problem. The 20M Shirt Pocket Transceiver was a challenge in that within the confines of 16 Cubic Inches is a 1-watt SSB Transceiver. The Front Panel is 2X2
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The 1MC ~ AKA the "The Bitch Box"

  The 1MC AKA ~ The Bitch Box. For those who served in the US Navy especially aboard ship the "1MC" is the Main Audio Communications System that is used for communicating to "All Hands".  You have seen it in the Movies -- The CO gets on the 1MC and announces, "Now Hear This! This is the Captain Speaking". Sailors being sailors gave this a nickname -- "The Bitch Box" as many of the messages dealt with complaints or commands.  What shipboard Navy man doesn't remember the sound coming over the 1MC: "Sweepers Man Your Brooms, proceed with a clean sweep down fore and aft"? All of us have heard the civilian version of the 1MC when we visit Wal Mart or Costco in the form of the PA Announcement. "We need a cleanup on Aisle 6".  These days those same words have come home to my QTH. In effect, my home is Aisle 6. My XYL was in hospital for two months earlier this year and although at home is not fully recovered and may not be for so

5/10/2022...An Exciting New SDR Transceiver ~ Designed and Birthed in the USA

  An Example of Something More than a Michigan Mighty Mite and/or Analog VFO. Update May 10th, 2022, Trivia Question What was the most commonly used transmitter/transceiver used in 1965? Today you could likely say the ICOM 7300 and probably be correct. But tomorrow it will the SDR rig featured on this blog posting. This SDR is a firestorm taking America. Incidentally, the 1st Topless All Girl Band was the Ladybirds vintage 1966 in San Francisco.  73's Pete N6QW  Update May 8th, 2022. Solder Smoke You Tube Podcast. (1hr, 2min the SDR) Update May 6th, 2022. The Bonus Stuff Several things that stand out:     1) Most self-contained (no external display device needed) SDT's, like the Xeigu G90,  have very limited  spectrum width (i.e., 25kHz), while the T41 can go to 192kHz. For QRP operators where low power often  forces doing hunt-and-pounce, this wide spectrum is a huge win. The display is color, 800x480.     2) Larger display (5", 7" or 9" compared to G90'

May 4th 2022. The Digital VFO More Than Meets the Eye

Why would you ever want to fool around with Drifty, Clunky and Outdated Analog VFO's? Update May 4th, 2022. Hidden in the Code! Replicating JF3HZB's work is a challenge in that many new things must be learned. But also, a challenge to what is possible that can be done.  What is there that causes homebrewers to "remain in a rut" and only build Analog VFO's? Their short comings are well documented and in fact was the impetus to go Digital, using PLLs and frequency synthesis.  Along the way were half measures such as the work of EI9GQ and the "huff and puff" stabilizers. Fourteen years ago, I added a huff and puff to my build of the Bitx20 shortly after its release by Farhan. Having a stable signal, handicapped by QRP, was key to making contacts.  If there is this magic allure to connect with the past, sort of like building a "toob" transmitter, that is easily solved by building one analog VFO and then moving on to digital. Sure, it might be fun t

May 3rd 2022, ~ Initial Tune Up it Loads OK

Only  For Those with Antenna Knack! Update May 3rd, 2022. A Quick and Dirty Test. Made a quick install and ran the KX3 ATU -- it loaded OK but still need to refine the 20M Tap Point. The Bands did not seem to be too good at the time I was testing. (The XYL was napping so I could steal some time from the caregiver duties). Ran out of time to check other bands --- back to the full-time day job! So,  more tests to follow but assuming that Field Day will be active with signals then this should be fun. Pete, N6QW Update May 2nd, 2022. Lugs are here and are Installed! But what about Motorcycle Rallies like Sturgis. A scene from Sturgis --- you don't see this at a Ham Fest (Radio Rally) One more wire to install and that is from the Base of the Center Loading Coil to an Alligator clip so I can pick the exact match for 20 and 15 Meters. I will use my Nano VNA -- hope it works. It is always a crap shoot. For those who may be familiar with the old school method, I have a James Millen Grid Dip

April 24th, 2022 More Homebrew

The Uno R3 D1 ESP32 Board (MCU) April 24th, 2022 ~ More Homebrew. I was contacted by a ham who has been using his ESP32 board for a special "homebrew" project. Yes 'homebrew" as in homebrewing beer in his garage. In my garage I homebrew radios but his "homebrew" adds a measure of pleasure beyond logging a QSO. I spent some of my working life marketing and selling automated industrial controls. If you have ever worked in this field, then names like Red Lion Controls, Microswitch, Banner Engineering, Modicon, IDEC, Allen-Bradley should light some lights. My target market was the food processing and wine industry in northern California. There is a huge infusion of process control that permeates these industries. So, with just a few dollars of investment my "new ham friend" has that same level of process control capability with his "homebrew beer". One of the most critical parameters in process control is a constant temperature. In wine maki