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February 22, 2024. I get mail!

I get lots of emails including an exciting notification that $282,567.19 has been deposited for me in a Bank located in Nigeria. Often the emails may involve questions about my published projects or perhaps a comment on a You Tube video. Some were referred to me by others. Mail is good and a distraction from my day job at the Board and Care Facility. That said there should be a bit of effort on the part of the sender to frame the question so it can be answered. One email simply said "Send Me the Code". So OK the code to my Junior HS padlock was 38 22 34. It took two more rounds to get to which code he wanted. Just in the last week came two emails requesting technical information with one specifically on how to address a noise problem in a radio. This noise issue was something I ran into personally and found a couple of miracle cures. I was happy to respond to that inquiry for it was a real world problem for me.   This power conditioner circuit came from Bill, N2CQR and solved
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February 21, 2024. The impact of technology!

Charming Radios of Old! Or just plain old and no charm! Looks Like an AMECO AC-1 Clone AMECO AC-1 My build of the W7ZOI Dec89/Jan90 QST, 20M SSB Transceiver     Imagine making contacts with the CW transmitter in the 1st photo. The wiring for the Key is 300 Ohm Twin lead. Like we used to say when I was in the Navy, any port in the storm. BTW an AMECO Clone Kit today is several hundred dollars. The 3rd photo is a rig I still have. W7ZOI had a hand made dial readout --- mine has an LCD with the EI9GQ VFO stabilizer. The advantage of technology and a 10–15-year span between the two builds., Same design with some updates.   In thinking about this post, I reasoned that technology advancements have two subsets those being cosmetic and functionality.  Despite the handwritten dial scale, (4th photo) on the W7ZOI original that in no way reflects how the rig performs and how it sounds on the air. Of note W7ZOI's tuning system has a Coarse and Fine tune controls. It likely won't get you to