New Technology for 2020 --A Hands ON SDR Kit

A Hands On SDR Kit!

Hey guys I tripped over this SDR Kit and to me if you want to get your feet wet in SDR this may be your ticket to ride. BTW the cost of the shield (if I did the conversion correctly) is about $38 today not including any shipping or handling.

Watch the video but in a nutshell:

It is a kit that requires just a bit of minimum soldering on an Arduino Shield. Yes, it uses an Arduino Uno and it is a progressive kit that takes you from a basic receiver to a digital receiver that will copy FT-8 and WSPR. The final step adds the transmit capability.

It is not simply a boxed kit but is more of a tutorial course that starts with the fundamental's of SDR and progesses you through to a working transceiver. 

The Arduino Uno provides the frequency control for the on-board Si5351 located on the shield, thus it is a controller so you will need an external computer with SDR software. They have a link to the software that will drive this puppy. I suspect (although do not know specifically) that the board will work with Quisk. Quite possibly it will work with a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4.

Based on what I have posted I sense many blog readers are keenly interested in getting an SDR rig in their shacks. But the impedement with using any of my approaches is that 1) you have a lot of fabrication to be done that requires some special tools and 2) you got to know stuff. The Elektor Hands On Kit eliminates these two impediments.

This kit is worth a serious look.

Finally there are times when something catches your eye and you snicker and smile  bit. The emotion of this experience endures for several days as you ponder or reflect on the event. The following is a sign that graced the front of a local restaurant.

A very clever person thought of this paradigm and in itself gives pause to a snicker or two! However it has a sense of deep meaning about expectations and customer service.

Then I thought about such a sign appearing in the "Red Light" districts of your local town. Snicker about that for a day or two. 

Don't forget today is Valentine's Day so time to get a nice present for your favorite person (you) and the Elektor Hands-On SDR Kit is a perfect choice.

Pete N6QW

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