2021, A Year To Make A Change in your Hobby ~ It is time you built something!

In the Beginning All Hams Rigs were Home Built!

March 5th, 1942, the founding of the US Navy, Seabee Construction Battalions. Happy 79th Birthday to all Seabees past and present! Our Motto "Can Do!"

[N6QW proudly served in the US Naval Civil Engineer Corps, 1963-1967 with assignments in MCB10, the 30th and 31st Naval Construction Regiments. No Bone Spurs here!]

The IARU was wrong when they stated hams are hams for two reasons: Contesting and Operating! Some hams actually build their own rigs and are using them on the air! Join that growing group of dedicated solder melters by building a rig and enjoy the ability to say "The Rig on This End Is Homebrew!".

Bill, N2CQR and myself participated in a Zoom Radio Club Meeting on March 2nd  held by the River City Amateur Radio Club in Sacramento, CA. This club is undertaking a DIY project involving a souped up Tuna Tin 2 + CW transmitter. Yes it does have an Arduino and Si5351 --so no rockbound crystal control here.

Our presentation involved how to start homebrewing your own rig. You can see it here.

Pete N6QW

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