2021 ~ The Conversion of the Dentron HF Scout is Complete and On The Air!

 The Scout HF SSB Now on 40Meters

WYKSYCDS! Those with Knack Rule!

My rigs are never done... The video below was made with just the driver stage which is good for better than 1 watt. Today I added an IRF510 Amp and dropped the gain back on the driver and now I am getting 7 watts PEP out of this jewel.  It is such a pleasure to operate.

I have made about two dozen contacts with the HF Scout and the results seem well worth the effort. There are many opportunities to rework rigs such as the Dentron HF Scout. But you do have to know stuff and have a big junk box,


The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate that it was possible to take some commercial equipment and repurpose it to ham use. I have also done this with a Ten Tec Model 150A and so other possible candidates exist for modifications. 

Pete N6QW

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