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Radios of the Past -- When this was a different country.

A Time When There Was Joy!
Tomorrow will be December 1st and that brings me back to many fond memories of growing up in Western Pennsylvania just a hair north of the city of Pittsburgh. With Thanksgiving over, December 1st signaled it was the time when the local radios stations (KDKA, WCAE and KQV) pumped out non-stop Christmas music. For those youngsters reading this, the time frame was the late 1940's early 1950's. There were but two TV stations in Pittsburgh and the saturation of TV Set ownership was maybe 10 to 12%. Thus the old broadcast band radio was our entertainment. We even had a radio station in my hometown of New Kensington, where Michael Felak droned out the news and Bob Livorio was our local dis jockey hero. It was a special time for me, as my birthday was but a few weeks away and as luck would have it exactly one week before Christmas. My Mom's birthday was December 5th and there were several others aunts/cousins whose birthday were interspersed between the…

21st Century Homebrew SDR SSB Transceiver Project

Roll Your Own SDR SSB Transceiver N6QW Moves Totally to the Dark Side of the Hobby!11/27/2017 ~ Observations and 1st DX ContactToday I wanted to spend a bit of time comparing the new SDR homebrew transceiver to "filter" type rigs I have built. First though I do want to share that I worked my very 1st DX station with the SDR rig and that was XF1IM who is in lower Baja California. The distance was 1600 miles running 100 watts. So I am beaming from ear to ear. Firstly I do want to acknowledge once again the pioneering work of Charlie, ZL2CTM and his several you tube videos that got me kick started into rolling my own SDR rig. Notwithstanding I do have several SDR kit radios including several Softrocks and the Omnia based on the Peaberry --and even one that uses a Softrock with a Raspberry Pi. So I am not brand new to SDR, but I am new to rolling my own. Above all there seems to be a clarity to the signals and perhaps that is because the bandwidth may be a bit wider. It was even su…

Simpleceiver Plus Version 2 SSB Transceiver

V 2.0 of the Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver11/13/2017 ~ Last Posting on the Simpleceiver Plus SSB XCVR Thanks for riding along but now it is time to move on --Perhaps Part 15 Low Power Neighborhood FM radio stations using a Arduino and Si5351 in an FM Mode much like VU2ESE. It is a whole new world out there. I can only hope the readers have enjoyed this project as much as I have. 73's Pete N6QW
11/12/2017 ~ A Few More Photos Before Painting JuliYellow Note new email address as of 11/12/2017:

An approach for indicating USB/LSB --The Red Square. Works for Me. So far have had a bout 10 contacts and the Rig is doing exceptionally well. Pete N6QW
11/11/2017 ~ On the Air QSO with KC6FZY. The Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver is nearly complete and the documentation will ultimately shift to my website Most likely there will be no more posts about the project as I have been politely told -- enough Pete! Despite tha…