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2018 ~ Year of Transceivers:

3/15/2018 ~ Recovery!I am happy to report that most systems have been recovered from my computer disaster --not all to what I am used to with the old system. Here is an example: Formerly I used Windows Movie Maker to create videos for you tube. Surprise! Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported for Windows 10 and you are cautioned to not down load "Movie Maker" form 3rd party Internet sites as most contain malware and spyware.
Windows 10 you are told can do the Movie Maker thing with an internal app called Photo. Well after investing about 1/2 hour I was able to not upload the new video but instead a single non-flattering photo of myself. Yes Donald Trump is better looking. This is real crap!
I was not able to get aol.mail to show up directly in my email. But when you have the "knack" you do the Dilbert thing -- I found that with the aol.mail you can forward the mail to "of course" a microshaft outlook mail account. So I now can see my primary email but m…

2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

Starting off on the Proper Course. If one were to be driving from St Louis (Middle America) to New York (East Coast) you would not want to stock your favorite VW Micro bus with maps that only take you from St Louis to Los Angeles. Sure the road signage today is pretty decent but once you get off the well traveled road, a map is just the ticket. There is a point to this (what seems obvious) in that when you start out on an electronics journey you need the right kind of "maps" which in this case means reference materials, tools, test equipment and a supply of parts. Yes it also helps if you have the knack. An inquiring mind is also on the list.  For some this is a hill too far and thus they resort to complaining abut everything except that they did not properly prepare for the journey. Today (as opposed to when I started my journey) there is a myriad of information and information sources available to us that is until Ajit Pai starts charging us to download from the internet. Wh…