Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 ~ The Year of Change ...

2019 N6QW New Year's Resolutions!

  • My Soldering Iron will always be Clean and Bright!
  • I will RTM before starting any project.
  • I will have the bins always stocked with parts.
  • I will endeavor to keep the work bench neat and tidy!
  • I will unsubscribe from certain reflectors.
  • I will endeavor to use my website as the only place to share ham related info.
  • I will wean myself from making trivial electronic videos on You Tube.
  • I will endeavor to "step up" the technical aspects of my projects. 
  • Closing Out 2018 Projects...

Happy New Year from N6QW.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

2019 MAGA ~ More Arduino's Greater Advancements

What Ham Radio Needs?

December 26, 2018 ~ The Day After ..

Well I did get one radio related gift from my middle son and his XYL. Parts! Yes I got three bags of parts... one of caps, another of diodes and zeners and the third of inductors. So not all bad.

In thinking about MAGA ~ More Arduino's Greater Advancements. I have come up with several "tools" built into one Arduino.

First would be a simple band switched RF Oscillator. This would provide outputs in the ranges 1 to 3 MHz, 3 to 6 MHz, 6 to 10 MHz, 10 to 15 MHz, 15 to 22 MHz and finally 22 to 30 MHz for starters. These would all be step tuned in increments of 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1K, 10K, 100K and 1 MHz tuning steps.

Also being considered is fixed frequency outputs for testing IF stages like outputs at 4.9152 MHz, 9 MHz and possibly 10 MHz or other chosen frequencies (CLK2).

Next would be audio related such as Two Tone generation for Linearity testing of RF Power Amps and to provide fixed tones for use in checking audio amplifier stages.

In our age of do it fast and thinking about those who take a guilt trip about not doing CW ( I am not in that camp), four push buttons would provide the following:

  • Button #1 calls CQ in CW
  • Button #2 responds by saying your report is 599, Name is Pete, QTH is Newbury Park, CA
  • Button #3 says Rig here is homebrew running 800 watts and antenna is a droopy dipole
  • Button #4 says Tnx fer the QSO nice to wrk you 73's.
There now that would be useful and the only skill is button pushing and no sending skills required.

Possible other implementations (mind you all in one Mega2560 Arduino)

  • Return Loss Bridge
  • SWR Bridge
  • Coffee Pot Timer
  • Station ID timer
Hope you got some nice stuff for Christmas.

Pete N6QW

We Need More Simple Projects Using the Arduino Nano. Thus our new slogan:

MAGA = More Arduino's  Greater Advancements

In 2019 I hope to develop some projects that may be useful in the shack. Some may involve test instruments while others may include projects like remote antenna tuners. However, all will be Arduino based.

For those who await new projects with baited breath [or just plain bad breath], having built so many transceivers in 2018 there will be no new transceiver projects in 2019. I guess I should never say never.

Happy Holidays and may you find a gingerbread person in your holiday stocking.

Pete N6QW

Saturday, December 15, 2018

2018 ~ The year of SSB Transceivers

The Year is Just About Over!

WSPR Data from RIB 12-18-2018. The rig has passed the tests!

This is the "last gasp rig' for 2018.

Don't try this with your Bitx40 or uBitx!

What Drives Ham's to do insane things?

When does a Vision become an Obsession?

Who would have thought this was possible?

Does Tribal Knowledge Apply?

Would QST ever cover this Project?

When does an idea spark a project?

Does being inebriated help?

Who else has done this?

Is this just a toy?

Why is this not a published article?

Is this a dare or a challenge?

Is this a project for a newbie homebrewer?

This is a "Ship in  Bottle"

This is a "Rig in a Bottle"

Happy Holidays!

Pete, N6QW

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