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New Technology for 2020 ~ Life after Field Day

Moving forward by 64 Years from 1956
July 11, 2020 ~ Pox on the Nextion.
I have had Zero success in loading an image on to the Nextion 320X240 Display. I have tried using the SD Card and also the Upload Feature in the Text editor. Same story when I  tried loading code supplied by others in an off chance I did something wrong in developing my code.  
Nothing will make it load. I bought it from a supplier called Banggood, (whose name sounds like a girl I used to know). I have never done business with them before and will not again. The preloaded display works FB but nothing I have tried will make it change to what I want.
It is a real Nextion and not a knock off clone so that is not the issue. I hate it when there is such hype about a product and then you find out it is a piece of crap! My advice stick with the LCD or standard color TFT.
Pete N6QW

July 9, 2020 ~ Nextion Displays
So OK, our hobby has taken a turn from Crystal Sets, One "Toob" transmitters and 2N3819 "Regen" …