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2021 ~ Flash the Plastic and Buy a Rig!

January 21, 2021 Trump is OUT. Now America is Great Again! Keep an eye out for the Sedition Caucus (A group of Four  Senators). Will they Survive the next Election cycle ? January 17, 2012 Shirt Pocket SSB Transceiver January 11, 2021 Presentation by g0fuw and n6qw to the  Radio Society of Great Britain Tonight at 8 Webinar When You know Stuff, You can do Stuff! Pete N6QW   2021~ My Hobby Takes a U Turn! The New Normal ~ Flash the Plastic! Buy a Rig!  Just Operate and Work Contests! Homebrewing may be Dead! 73's Pete N6QW

2021 -- The Dawn of New Projects

  Some Old Boat Anchors ~ They Live Again! Updated 1-05-2021   Preview of Rigs yet to be seen: Swan 120, Drake TR-4, Ten Tec: Triton II, Triton IV (544), Omni C (546), Galaxy V, WRL Duo-Bander, Atlas RX110. Swan 240 ~ State of the Art in 1963!   The SBE-33 SSB Transceiver WRL Duo-Bander 84------    Yaesu FT-101EE KWM-2  National NCX200 and NCX3 Look at what was leading edge 60 Years ago, so we can see and appreciate what we have now! Pete N6QW