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Simpletransreceiver ~ Transmitter Stages Part 1

Heating Up the Iron ~ Transmitter Stages #1 After some six weeks of being off the air and tending to a family medical emergency, we are ready to start building the transmitter portion. While I was "noodling" over the transmitter stages I realized that many of the circuits used in the receiver stages are simply "ported over" for use in the transmitter. In the lower level stages the one new circuit board is that of the microphone amplifier. According to the LT Spice once again the "home built" Dual Gate MOSFET works quite nicely in that circuit element. So to be true to our initial design premise -- we will continue to use J310 DGM's in the transmitter blocks.   By way of review below is the transmitter block diagram with a special note that the stages with the red asterisk are a direct lift from the Simpleceiver. To that should be added the carrier oscillator. At one time I had thoughts of sharing that with the  in the Simpleceiver. It will now