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2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

Clean Off the Work Bench ~ New 2018 Transceiver Projects! 1/18/2018 ~ Now you found it -- How to Fix It? I was so excited yesterday that I found the source of the problem --it was not the rig per se or a test of my schematic reading or soldering skills --it was RF in my back yard! One comment on the you tube video --how do you fix it as this will also have implications on the IC Transceiver build. My XYL suggested moving to an upscale neighborhood that has antenna restrictions. Should note for over 50 years she has absolutely hated the hobby so her response is quite clear -- make me QRT.   In the Page 104, SSDRA design had as a front end a simple coil and a cap for  20 Meters. Whereas the 80 Meter filter uses a Cohn type tuned network. So one possible fix for me since I don't operate CW or Digital modes is to come up with a Band Pass Filter in place of the simple tuned circuit that would be centered on the phone band and with care could offer a 15 to 20 dB reduction to

The uBitx is inhaling RF at N6QW

Catch the Wave ~~~ The uBitx is Alive! 12/23/2017 ~ On the Air QSO with the uBitx! The uBitx is a real winner --so get off your butt and order one! Listen to the on the air comments and also make the N6QW linear amplifier hack as you will need that during poor band conditions. The fact that you can run a linear amp without hiccups and burps is a testament to the design! Thank you Farhan. The "Cool Juliano Blue" LCD has to be a factor in how good it sounds! I am also told that the blue display is a major factor in the fight against global warming. OOps forgot there is no global warming or so our leader tells us.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.       PS. When you watch the video note that the guy with the FLEX6500 said you sound good and even compared what he spent and what the uBitx costs. The uBitx stands tall with the Big Dogs! Keep in mind my "hack' to add a linear amplifier control. Anymore out here on the left coast when operatin