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2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

The IC Transceiver Design (Based on K1BQT) 2/15/2018 ~ Thinking out of the Circuit. One thing I now look at when I am designing a circuit is how can the design be used to better advantage. At times I have been criticized that something I designed was no good for those who like to strap on a back pack, climb up some hill in a god forsaken place and run a QRP marathon. That is never one of my design goals. But of late my goals have taken a twist --how to build things so that circuits could do double duty.   This is not out of laziness but time constraints. I have so many projects lined up that unless I look to building less in a project it will be impossible to build more projects. So going back to our 40 (or 20) Meter Driver stage my thoughts drifted toward how this could be used on both transmit as well as receive. Let us start with the basic circuit shown below.     This board is way too large for a compact type back pack rig but was purpose built as I knew I would