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2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

7/10/2018  7/1/2018 6/21/2018 ~ 6 and/or 4 Meters Your Band? Yes you are reading that the displays are saying 6 meters or 4 Meters. There are many possibilities with the Arduino and Si5351. These are but just a couple examples. No, the 6 or 4 Meter hardware is not built but if you have such rigs and need a sketch email me 6/18/2018 ~ More Possibilities The code has been ported over to the Color Touch Screen and the 160X128 Color TFT. Lots of possibilities! Pete N6QW 6/17/2018 ~ New and Improved Code (Up on the link) No Flickering of the Display !~ Thanks DuWayne KV4QB! 6/16/2018 ~ Two VFO Code: 160X128 TFT Follow the link and look for the Simpleceiver project. There you will find a link to the code where the code is a notepad document. Copy and paste into an Arduino sketch. Note below: The sketch is made with Arduino IDE 1.8.5 The display is a 160 X