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2018 ~ The Year Of SSB Transceivers

7/29/2018 ~ Arduino Code for LCD to OLED replacement Look inside the Purple framed text for the link to the code. You will also have to have the included files -- see the notes in the sketch and as mentioned below. If you are unsure on how to do this … don't try it. 73's Pete N6QW Secrets Revealed: How to Add a Tune Tone and CW Identifier to your Homebrew Rig. 7/27/2018 Disclaimer: I am not a software programmer nor do I profess to have those skills but I am a person who likes to tinker with things. For several years now I have had a Pulsed Tone TUNE capability with my rigs. I developed the code myself and even figured out how to change the screens to show you are in TUNE. For those who do software on a daily basis --you probably snicker (a lot) at my code. Frankly that is unimportant in that what I developed works! So today I said to myself "Pete why can't you add a CW identifier following the pulsed tone?" So I did and it wor