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2018 ~ The Year of New SSB Transceivers

10/28/2018 ~ Questions about Si5351  Visit  T his is not an Arduino/Si5351 but my Pasta dish! Those are fresh cherry tomatoes in the sauce with fresh Basil, loads of Garlic and the key ingredient Virgin Olive Oil and of course Angel Hair Pasta With the publication of the Sudden Transceiver project in the GQRP SPRAT #178 (for those who have received their SPRAT --some of us are still waiting) and are undertaking the project a couple of questions have arisen. One specific question is about "How do I build the Si5351 Oscillator and connect to the display". The Sudden project on my website has a section on building and wiring the Arduino and Display but for someone undertaking this as a first project I am sure it leaves a lot questions. Thus today's posting. Firstly, having built quite a few rigs with the Si5351/Arduino (think close to three dozen) purely by accident you find s