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RADIG ~ Ham Radios new Tsunami!

Checking Sidebands & Audio Grounds. Tune in to Hot Off the Press: Touring the QUISK Functionality! The ham who sent me an email the other day suggested I use the KPH web based SDR radio at Point Reyes, CA to look at my signal once I thought there were corrections in place.  There were several things she suggested I review. Were there two sidebands like you would have with carrier suppressed DSB? With SSB you should have only one sideband --the one you selected and no carrier! Was there carrier present so that what you had was AM or AM with one sideband? Did you have spur signals located 5 10 or 15 kHz on either side of the main signal. So after instituting several fixes, changes and improvements I did exactly that --went to the KPH site and shrunk it down so that the RADIG control panel and the KPH display were on one screen -- you got to love the multi-tasking Raspberry Pi3.  Here is a short video. Pleas

SDR RADIG's ~ The Tsunami Wave Hitting Ham Radio

The RADIG Journey Continues... I will no longer continuously update a thread with new information. So from now on each segment of our journey will be a NEW posting. My reason for updating an existing post was the complaints from some readers that they wanted a "roll" so they could see all of the data in one place. Now I have received input that in many summaries of this blog it looks like it hasn't been updated since June the 3rd. You know what I learned a long time ago you can only make 50% of the people happy at any one time --but even that is on a really good day. So be warned -- a) I will be posting new info each time on a new blog entry. b) if you don't like this then all I can say is --go elsewhere. There you just had a bit of Italian "In your Face!" I have posted these two videos in case you missed them. In my quest for continuous improvement and because I got some $$$ as Father's Day gift's I have bought a new sou

SDR RADIG ~ The Tsunami of the New Ham Radio Approach

The SDR Approach to Ham Radio.. Parts Info This is a "living spreadsheet" (meaning it will be updated periodically) of the parts, part numbers, supplier and approximate cost. Includes a listing of Suppliers. NOTE : I have set up the website as a further repository of information pertaining to this project. Yes I do have the audacity to call myself a radio genius but that is certainly well founded, unlike some who call themselves a stable genius. A new beginning for all of us. Are you willing to take the plunge???? June 27th, 2019 ~ Gee, I haven't blogged in 3 days and nobody checked to see if I was Dead? Guess I know where I stand! Well there is a reason I was not blogging and it was that I was chasing a problem with the transmitter side. I believe we may be close to a resolution; but I wanted to share some of my adventures in finding the problem.  On the 24th I got a very nice email from a ham who said that I was tr