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Back to some Techie Stuff!

Upgrade that IRF510 Final Amp!   Cartoon Courtesy of N2CQR -- Thanks Bill!! 9/21/2019... On September 18th, I participated in a Skype Presentation with the Peel Amateur Radio Club (PARC) Homebrew Group. What a blast to visit with a group of fellow homebrewer's and discuss some of my homebrew activities with a specific focus on my work with the RADIG. Mention is made about this change from the IRF510 final amp. This is over an hour long so it is a snoozing event; but the real import is that there are in fact "homebrew groups" that are building their own rigs. Several years ago the PARC made a group build of "The LBS" a joint project from N6QW and AI6YR. Two of their built units made the trip to FDIM where they won first place. Thank You PARC for inviting me to speak to your group. [ O nce you have done this upgrade you should consider putting your homebrew SSB Transceiver on FT-8 and here is a great digital adapter kit from:  htt

Dipping the Toe into the World of CW

A New Found Opportunity--Arduino + CW! The Left Coast Loafer CW Transceiver Hey John Bolton now that you have some free time, have you considered getting a ham ticket? A New Definition for MAGA More And Greater Avarice.  Maybe the wrong guy just got fired yesterday! ***************************************** 9/7/2019 ~ CW Output Across 50 Ohms ***************************************** 9/6/2019 More Tidbits for your amusement and amazement! So here are a couple of "tricks" I would like to share with you. First is how to have sidetone. Well with my super duper DPDT TR switch I added a 470 Ohm 1 watt resistor and a 1N4007 diode. The 470 Ohm connects on one end to the voltage contact that supplies the Transmit voltage. The other end is connected to the Anode end of the diode. The Cathode end is then connected to the contact that receives juice on Receive. Thus on receive no voltage is fed back to the transmit side; but when in tran