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The Art of the Build!

How to build a rig from N2CQR! Pete's Replacement for the Bitx40 Raduino Replacement with Sideband Select and Two VFO 's  Replacement for the Raduino Raduino Replacement at Work on the Bench! Check out N2CQR's blog at for a roadmap on how to build a rig. It literally is a "roadmap" and most importantly five years from now when that rig needs a bit of help, the docs guide you through the troubleshooting. I find that in the past my old memory was pretty good on the recall -- but today not as good. So Bill's approach is indeed an excellent solution to the memory cell loss. Through some good fortune, I now have a Bitx40. (Thanks Bill!) I purchased one several years ago but soon passed that on to a ham friend. The prior one was pre Raduino; but did undergo some N6QW magic, where I used an AD9850 and a 8X2 display. As usual --kind cool looking! Ran some tests today the Raduino is inop! But

What were they thinking? (This in not about politics!)

Happy Thanksgiving! To our servicemen and servicewomen around the world may you have a wonderful day. Be safe and know that your are in our thoughts and prayers.  My first Thanksgiving away from home was in 1963 when I was stationed on Midway Island and it was difficult not being with my family. The chow was excellent; but it was not Mom's cooking.  Pete N6QW Check out some of the vittles I made for Turkey Day. Designs of Wonder Years? I often speak of the wonder years (not the TV show) during the period of the late 1950's to 1970's. There was an explosion of new amateur radio equipment hitting the market and it was all about Single Side Band (SSB).  Collins Radio lit the fire with the KWM-1 which was a very compact transmitter and receiver all in one box. You could operate it from the home shack as well as from your car or boat. It had a very healthy price tag. But then it was targeted to what Collins saw as an  emer

Elmer's To All

When You Know Stuff, You Can Do Stuff!!! Are you an Elmer? Long standing in our hobby has been the concept of the Elmer. No, we are not talking about Elmer Fudd the cartoon character who always was ouwitted by the irascible Wabbit! The Ham Radio  Elmer is a ham with a few solder burns on his hands; but most importantly a vast knowledge base on "How to do stuff". He was the "turn to guy or gal" when you wanted to know how to do things in amateur radio. An Elmer knows how to do this... [ With special acknowledgement to N2CQR who shared this design on the soldersmoke blog. See Bill I still know how to read a schematic.  This is a single JFET (J310) Regen receiver. I did add an audio amp so I could drive a speaker. What was critical is the "tickler" coil, sometimes called a variometer.  Initially I had the tickler too close to the tuned winding -- read over coupled. Like an Alex Bell moment, the coil slipped off the main winding

Why it is important to join the GQRP Club?

When you know stuff, You can do Stuff! Yesterday to once again demonstrate that I can do stuff, I made some changes to the Arduino and Si5351 LO/BFO board and re-installed those two on the CRAP rig. Here you see it working on WSPR. Pretty Cool! Yes that is the Cool Blue 16X2 LCD. Now on to a problem. Recently for The Paesano rig, I installed a new library to use with the 65K Color OLED. This is a universal library intended to use with all sorts of displays and one variant works with the ST-7735 type of display which is similar to the ST-7735 library used with the normal Color TFT displays I have used in the past. Long story short, on some of the older projects I have developed using the Color TFT when you try to load them --you get an error message about pixel height. The sketches with the Color OLED's and as well as those using the LCD's are not affected.  That could be a disaster! But since this is not my 1st Rodeo, previously I loaded IDE 1.8.5 on a sep

ZL2BMI Challenge Rig!

Let the Impeachment begin! Finally the e mperor (with a very small e) is facing impeachment!  The case:  Bribery for Personal Gain! Wow, who would have thought that the "stable genius" would end up at the end of an impeachment hearing?  Stone found guilty … only a matter of time. The e mperor's "dream team" that were found guilty. He only surrounds himself with the very best people. Papdopoulus Manafort Gates Flynn Cohen Stone ********************************************************

On Hiatus...

Going on Hiatus! November 14th, 2019 The articles for impeachment are heading toward... Bribery for Personal Gain! ************************************************** November 13th, 2019. The impeachment has begun!  ICOM has a new QRP Transceiver! Gordon Sondland will have an additional 15 Minutes of Fame! These will be important Names: Giuliani Mulvaney Sondland Veterans Day November 11, 2019 Let us salute our veterans past and present and give special recognition to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our democracy and freedom. The emperor (small e) never served and will never understand what it is to serve. Above is a photo taken in 1965 of N6QW (LT. Pete) shown at Camp Shields, Chu Lai, Vietnam. At this proximate spot today, stands a KIA plant churning out automobiles --- my times have changed. I was 24 years old at that time and had been in the US Navy about two years. On May 7th, 19