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New Technology for 2020 ~ Linux Mint

Another OS to use with SDR Rigs. Linux Mint February 18,2020:  Real Time Video Recording using the webcam and Linux Mint. I have stated that 2020 will be the year of many technology implementations in our ham rigs. Already I can see where in just a month and a half into 2020, there are things far more important happening with our hobby than your emperor (with a very small e) and his latest antics. Today I read something about some students in Norway (I think) who belonged to a school radio club. Seems like they were indeed fortunate to have for a club station a FLEX 6500 with the Maestro Console.  Leave it to the youth -- they figured out how to hack the Windows embedded computer in the Maestro. Boom now they can do things with their station that even FLEX probably hadn't thought of doing. Then again that is how FLEX started. Well today on a smaller scale (micro-scale is more like it) using my new Linux Mint Machine I was filming my attempts to mak

New Technology for 2020 -- A New SDR Transceiver

Out of Adversity Comes New Ideas! Then it occurred to me … a different mousetrap. February 13th, 2020 ~ Leading Edge SDR This is a photo of a rig from the Radioberry SDR reflector where a ham is using his SDR to communicate with OSCAR - 100. Firstly the Radioberry board is quite advanced and it is a new favorite of the "extreme end" techie types of our hobby.  Secondly many of the Radioberry boards are being run with a Raspberry Pi4 and here is another example of the rapid technology infusion into our rigs! Keep in mind it is only the second month and 45 days into  2020.  My post of yesterday regarding conventional radios versus SDR seems to be in tune where the hobby and hardware are going. Today's board type SDR rigs are small, extremely powerful, feature rich and yet at a cost we can at least drool over. Just think an RPi4 with all of the bells and whistles is around the $60 to $70 range. The Radioberry board I think is around $300, so for less tha