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New Technology for 2020 ~ The Phasing Transmitter

Fun with Math and Driving Yourself Nuts! 5/1/2020 More Evaluations.... Firstly I am struck at how good the signal sounds when listening to it on an outboard receiver tuned to LSB. There is no doubt the signal has presence and does not have the constricted nasal sound of being too narrow as sometimes happens with a crystal filter. I like what I hear. But we must endeavor to really make some measurements aside from anecdotal stories from either myself or from other hams. I once had an experience in Vietnam (darn right dangerous) where I had the OOD watch and we had a probe on our line. I collected a squad of about 11 Seabees and we went to investigate. It was about 11PM and as luck would have it there was an explosion and one of our team was seriously injured.  I was in the lead and thus did not see what happened directly. All I heard was a bang and saw a huge light. A board of inquiry was called and there were 12 different stories of what happened.  Finally the o

New Technology for 2020 ~ A Scratch Built Hardware Phasing SSB Rig

A Hardware SSB Phasing Transceiver! N6QW makes yet another attempt to lure you into the homebrew world! April 18, 2020 ~ New Posting  Soon! This thread is getting large and when I post tomorrow it will be on a new posting and contain some updated technical info. So you will want to tune in. Covid-19 Practical Tips. I am disciplining myself to lots of washing, not only my hands; but my clothing. So after a stop at the grocery store and after pulling into the garage, I sprayed my shoes with Lysol and immediately took off my jacket and pants and into the washer. Ooops I forgot to put down the garage door so there I was in my undershorts loading the washers. One of the neighbor ladies was passing by and made it a point to say" Hi Pete" Are you OK? To which I replied I am OK. So first tip close the garage door when you are stripping down to your skivvies. Also wipe down the car seat and steering wheel. Second problem! I forgot that my really nice Sony earbuds