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New Technology for 2020 ~ It ain't over until the Fat Lady Sings!

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020 I wish I could report that there has been some miracle happen that made the Phase Shift SSB Transmitter work properly.  I even spent a small fortune for some 1% SMD capacitors to mate with the 0.1% resistors that would be employed in an 8 Pole filter. I didn't even open the box from Mouser.  While one could easily be swayed to thinking this will finally do it. Realistically I just do not think I would see any different result other than poor opposite sideband suppression that I have been experiencing.  I have become very skeptical of those who have reported amazing results with their phase shift networks and put those comments  in the same league as exaggerated gas mileage claims.  We have a great word in Italian --Basta. Enough! But I am happy to report that I have successfully built a 2nd ZL2CTM Teensy 3.5 SDR transceiver. the Hilbert Transforms Rule and indeed opposite sideband suppression!  The why of the 2nd build is to have so

New Technology for 2020 ~ The Phasing Method: Science Meets Data

Cease and Desist Order! Regrettably I am stopping all work on the Phasing Transmitter Rig. After finishing the KK7B Rig following the 2Q4 sojourn, I am left with a pile of crap. I have been unsuccessful in making a suitable and working hardware based phasing transmitter.  The KK7B Board has a mysterious problem that I have been unable to resolve. So one option is to stop work today, as my efforts, so far, have failed to crack the code. Spending some time thinking about the why is more productive that just removing parts and soldering in new ones. So following a tip from N2CQR --put it aside and think, research and come up with possible resolutions. I know this project has stirred some interest no more so than my own; but there comes a time to fold them and play another day. 73's Pete N6QW The QuadNet Software from Tonne Systems May 10, 2020 ~ A story from WWII. Failed to mention that May 8th,  was the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Th

New Technology for 2020 ~ The KK7B T2 Multimode

KK7B Multimode Phasing Transmitter Steampunk Incognito ~ Gathering Data & Science (By any chance could this be a Special Assistant to the emperor (undersized e) Whiz Kid Panel Member only in disguise so he doesn't have to explain to Wall Street about their misadventures in buying PPE.) A PSA regarding Covid19. Summer is coming, thus we must never let our guard down and protect ourselves at all times. Social Distancing works! So does the use of  masks and gloves such as .. Easy to spot --- this is a YL as the foot covering and the flip flops are color coordinated. Another piece of evidence --- small feet. We all need a laugh in our day -- during this pandemic never lose your sense of humor!  [Yes, someone will point out the waste of precious PPE; but the emperor (with an undersized e) told a nurse yesterday there was not a PPE problem. Guess his "special adviser" told the "emp" that the whiz kids fixed all that!] An 8 P0l

New Technology for 2020 ~ The Phasing Method of SSB Generation/Reception

May 2, 2020 More on Phasing Rigs! May 5, 2020 ~ There are other issues! Data and Science are extremely important. So today I gathered yet more data after using the SDR to test the opposite sideband suppression.  Luckily today I ran across a ham who lives only 2.5 miles from me and is an experienced ham having worked in the electronics industry building of all things high power phasing transmitters. Wow, was this the hand of God? He pronounced my phasing transmitter as having "other sidebands" riding along and that the USB component while diminished in comparison to LSB was still very present some 2.5 miles away. Not good news; but HIGHLY Important News! So is this beating the dead horse to death? Perhaps there may be other issues that are in play. Using LT Spice there were some identified issues with ideal parts.  Now mate the simulation with an electronic  part that is at least 60 years old (have the sales receipt)  or possibly 70 years old AND it is a