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New Technology for 2020 ~ SDR RADIG #2 Part II

SDR #2 ~ Some Details and Info ~ The Lockdown Special! August 5, 2020 ~A Tale of Two VNA Software Packages I am certain there are those out there using the Nano VNA who will ask what is he talking about? At issue, if the software is not user friendly then it was written for a developer and not the user. Guy, I am only asking what time it is and not how to 3D print a watch. So for this tool to be useful then it must be user friendly. A fellow ham put me on to another Nano VNA variant and I am supposing he is suggesting the use of  training wheels as this program will even run under Windows XP. The program is called Nano VNA MOD (not exactly the title but close). The fact there is such a program suggests that Nano VNA Saver must be ... So taking my two section 40M BPF I plotted the response in both the MOD and the Saver variants. At no time did I change anything on the hardware but only called up the software programs. Here are the two plots. This is the MOD plot and t