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2021 The Year of Nostalgia ~ Those Old Rigs

  Some Great Ideas of the Past! February 18, 2021 ~ A Story in Conflict. A story from today that is very much in conflict with the past and how right was separated from wrong. Today a well known person with a large cult like tribal following brazenly walks into a bank and robs it at gun point. There are 30 witnesses in the bank as well as 5 CCTV cameras. The man walks out of the bank with the stash and then is accussed of the robbery based on the evidence. His cult followers maintain he did nothing wrong. Their argument: he was simply removing the money from one location and spending it in another! Ridiculous and improbable as that seems, his cult followers steadfastly maintain that position . Shame on you! It was always wrong and time to reconcile -- the bank robber is guilty!  The Dentron HF SSB Scout (Jump to the Bottom) You Tube Video Too! Homebrew CW Transceiver ~ N6QW 2/2021 One term often heard when we look at high technology products,