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2021 - The Year of Nostalgia. A 60 Year Trip

  A 60 Year Time Trip! Starting with Today (2/22) -- The N6QW Conversion of the Dentron Scout HF SSB. 3/1/2021 ~ Mystery Likely Solved! The Linux Mint Machine has a Choice of Bootloader -- Old or New. I have received several emails stating that my problem with the Nano is the Bootloader! The new Nano's have the newer bootloader installed whereas the IDE 1.8.5 only resolves the older bootloader. Thus the Linux Mint Machine 1.8.12 will do either one. I was chasing my tail. Why do those guys do that? This is the clue as found in Arduino IDE 1.8.12. This menu is not in IDE 1.8.5 which evidently responds to the old bootloader and not the new bootloader as is likely installed with the recently purchased Nano's. So if you are using a newly purchased Arduino and an older IDE, the answer why you are getting error messages may be this issue. I must ask again --Why do those "Software Weenies" do things like this which drives the user community NUTS?????? Today I opened a new lin

2021 The Year of Nostalgia ~ Those Old Rigs

  Some Great Ideas of the Past! February 18, 2021 ~ A Story in Conflict. A story from today that is very much in conflict with the past and how right was separated from wrong. Today a well known person with a large cult like tribal following brazenly walks into a bank and robs it at gun point. There are 30 witnesses in the bank as well as 5 CCTV cameras. The man walks out of the bank with the stash and then is accussed of the robbery based on the evidence. His cult followers maintain he did nothing wrong. Their argument: he was simply removing the money from one location and spending it in another! Ridiculous and improbable as that seems, his cult followers steadfastly maintain that position . Shame on you! It was always wrong and time to reconcile -- the bank robber is guilty!  The Dentron HF SSB Scout (Jump to the Bottom) You Tube Video Too! Homebrew CW Transceiver ~ N6QW 2/2021 One term often heard when we look at high technology products,

2021 The Year of Nostalgia ~ Remembering our 1st Rigs

  Our First Stations! Covid19 1st Shot today (2/7)! Thank You UCLA Healthcare! An early SSB Transceiver from an ARC-5 SSB XCVR It is interesting that perhaps with the Covid19 Pandemic and seeing as we are spending lots of time in our shacks, that a return to the old times is weighing heavily on our minds. The other evening I received a telephone call from a ham in the mid-west regarding the Ten Tec Triton II that was on this blog about a week ago. It seems like the Triton II was his 1st rig which he then sold because he got a shiny new box. Long story short the Triton II passed through several additional ham shacks wherein by pure chance he saw it in a ham friend's shack. The caller regretted that he sold this rig and made a deal to buy back the very rig he originally had in his shack some ten years prior. This was done purely so he could relive the past.  It was not just the same model; BUT the very s