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2021 ~ Awaiting a more normal life... Close at Hand!

  The Spillsbury Tindal SBX-11A  May 4, 2021 Parts Suppliers Alert... Almost 8 days ago I ordered SMD parts for this project --- from Digi-Key. Note it was $20 worth of parts not including $5 for shipping. Their website said it might take from 1 to 5 Days to ship. Hearing nothing I called them yesterday and was advised my "huge" order had been pulled but still not shipped. Here are two things that were shared with me. The Recovery is working -- they have had a huge influx of orders something like they have never seen before. The pent up demand broke the dam. They had an outbreak of Covid19 that has impacted their "hands on" workforce.  But they are hopeful that they will soon be recovering and orders will get back to a normal cycle. *********************** An eye catcher! A very small  SSB Transceiver in a compact metal box! While touring the eBay land of forgotten commercial SSB transceivers several years ago I spotted the Spillsbury Tindal SBX-11A. If you do a Goo