New Antenna at N6QW ~ Part 9a Contiuned

Photos of the RP-3 Base Plate, L Brackets and Anchor Bolts

* Current Antenna Moved ~ Staying on the Air During Construction

Work began in earnest today on assembling some of the major support structures. The use of Simpson Products L Brackets has greatly facilitated the build. The brackets come pre-drilled and one of the holes aligns perfectly with the RP-3 base. An opposite hole is enlarged to 1/2 inch to accommodate the anchor bolts. This was easily done on my Sears pedestal mounted drill press. About 20 Minutes of total work. The hole size in the RP-3 and the Simpson L Bracket is 1/4 inch so no additional drilling required there. Just for grins --with shipping the RP-3 cost nearly $100. The L Brackets and Bolts were cheap --about $12 with the Stainless Steel bolts and nuts for the RP-3 Plate to bracket assembly.

August 21 ~ Moved the current antenna about 3 feet to open an area for construction of the new concrete base. This area will be suitable for this antenna in the permanent setup as it will enable working the lower bands plus have the beam for the higher bands. See the last several photos in this grouping.
Pete N6QW


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