Monday, August 3, 2015

Building a new antenna at N6QW ~ Part VII

A New Direction

Sadly experience can be costly. In my quest to get something up in the air and quickly, I acted in haste when I purchased the Rohn H950. It is probably ideal for holding up a 2 Meter Dipole made from #36 wire but for my application is simply unsuitable if not outright dangerous. I have only myself to blame and take full responsibility.
The new direction is to use a bottom mounted rotor assembly ( the Yaesu G450 can do bottom mount) and to rotate the whole mast. I have been in contact with SpiderBeam and it appears their 10M HD product will work for this application. I am still asking a lot of questions before I flash the plastic and thus more cautious about this approach versus my foray with the H950.
Yet I have not received a crisp answer from Spiderbeam about running the coax so it does not interfere with the two sets of guy wires and that remains an open item.
Thus if any one reading this blog has a Spiderbeam mast I would appreciate hearing from you about your experience and how you installed it.
My plan is for a concrete base to which is affixed an elevated rotor base plate that is secured to the concrete base with anchor bolts. It will also have a sleeved house bracket  to provide a bit more rigidity to the whole assembly which consists of a section of PVC pipe that is slightly larger in diameter and is affixed to the eaves of the house.
So if any reader has info on a SpiderBeam Mast installation please email me with details.
Pete N6QW

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