Monday, September 7, 2015

New Beam Antenna Build at N6QW ~ Part 13

The Mast is in the Air!

Houston we have an Erection (of the mast).

Below is a photo essay of the first time in air of the Spiderbeam mast assembly. This is not the full height -- when I was trying to pull out the very top section it slipped out of my hand right into the nested pipe. So the final height will be about 6 feet taller than what is seen in the photos.
Right now the mast is being supported with out guy wires using only the rotor base and my homebrew house bracket. I strongly recommend the house bracket when making the SpiderBeam Mast a permanent installation.
It will only be up for a short while sans the guy wires but this will enable me to accurately cut and deploy the guy wires (actually magic rope --for what it cost me, it has to be magic). This mast deployment also enabled me to get a feel of how high the beam will reach above the house structure and the aesthetics of how it will look.  The photos show the SpiderBeam Mast next to my fiberglass mast used to hold up my current wire antenna. This is getting exciting!
Pete N6QW



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