New Beam Antenna Build at N6QW ~ Part 15

Really Building the Beam!

Getting Close to B Day (Beam Day)

Test of Mast Assembly


Below are some photos of the elements that have been built. You will also see what I mentioned in an earlier post about the size difference in the traps used on the TA-32 Jr N versus those traps used on the TA-32.

The normal procedure is to install the coax is a direct wire connection from the coax to the driven element on the beam. My bent is to install a coax connector. Mosley is not too keen on that idea because of losses but did say if I decided to do that to keep the lead length to no more than 2.5 inches.
Today I fabricated an L bracket from a piece of one inch wide aluminum angle stock and designed it so the bracket is held in place by one of the sets of U bolts that affix the driven element to the boom. It looks like with this arrangement we may meet the 2.5 inch criteria.
Stay tuned.
Pete N6QW


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