Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Beam Antenna Installation at N6QW ~ Part 17

Final Beam Alignment and Installations

In preparation for the final installation on the mast and then raising the beam I wanted to have one final go at torqueing all of the bolts and to upsize the connections from the SO-239 to the driven element. Initially I used about a #16 stranded wire and a voice in my head said make it bigger so that was changed out to #14 stranded. I used shrink tubing at all wire to connector interfaces and added the anti-corrosion compound at all the mechanical connection points.
I came up with what I thought to be an innovative idea for this last step. We have a six place metal picnic table with a large umbrella in the center of the table. It so happens that the umbrella mast is the same size as the mast used on the SpiderMast top section. Light Bulb moment. I installed the MP-32-N on the umbrella mast and using two wood blocks to clear the boom to mast bracket I was able to insure the beam was in a horizontal plane and provided access for bolt torqueing at waist level. My back thanks the light bulb moment.
Here is a short video of this final operation before moving the beam to the mast.

Stay tuned.

Pete N6QW

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