Belthorn (Bell Thorn) III Moved to 20 Meters

Belthorn III Moved to 20 Meters and Making QRP Contacts!

Several months ago I resurrected a project that was built some 12 years ago and updated the rig with a Si5351 + Arduino Controller, a color display and a new box. This radio had some innovations like using a Motorola Gain Block amplifier (CA2818C) which happens to be a 24 VDC device and led to embedding a DC to DC Convertor (MeanWell) into the project. It is a single conversion at 9.0 MHz and uses a GQRP Crystal Filter. The Arduino sketch includes a built in tone oscillator to provide a 988 Hz tone for tune up purposes.
The RF AMP is an IRF510 but I wished I had used a real RF Transistor like a 2SC3133 as the output on 20 Meter is slightly less than on 40 Meters. I am seeing about 7 watts on 20 Meters where I got close to 10 Watts on 40 Meters.
Now that I have a new beam antenna I decided to move the Belthorn III to 20 Meters and one of the first QRP contacts was with N0TUX/KH6. Thanks to Ron Taylor G4GXO for the original Belthorn design. Thanks Ron -- the Belthorn still perking along after 12 years!
There are two videos and the second is of the QRP contact. Check for more info on the Belthorn III.
Pete N6QW


  1. Bravo Pete never sleep ;))))))

    look at mine .....belthorn3


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