Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hacking the Ten Tec Model 150A to extend its frequency range to 15 MHz

Be Amazed at the Wizardry of N6QW

Hacking the Ten Tec 150A SSB/CW transceiver to extend its range to 15 MHz

Three actions:

  1. Modify the Final Amp Low Pass Filter
  2. Modify the RxTx Mixer Band Pass Filter
  3. Modify the Low Level Driver Low Pass Filter
All filter changes were simulated in LT Spice and I think it worked.

Pete N6QW


  1. I am indeed AMAZED by the wizardry of N6QW! And by the cinematographic innovations of G. Manzoni! Bravo Giovanni! Bravissimo!

  2. Sometimes --just sometimes you get awful lucky --so there has to be a wizard somewhere in the woodpile.


  3. All of your work is keep the entire homebrew community inspired to do more!!

  4. Pete, nice work! I have repaired two TenTec 150As for myself and a buddy that came from the auction when they closed the factory in TN. I'd be very interested in the details of the filter and LC mods you made. I found them to be a pretty nice radio, typical of TenTec design and quality. 73, Bob W9RAN


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