Monday, November 23, 2015

Simpleceiver ~ Part 15

We are nearly finished with the heterodyne receiver portion of the project! Hang in there.

Today I finished what I call the main board which is comprised of the Mixer stage (SBL-1) followed by the 1st IF Amplifier which is a 12 MHz design consisting of two J310 JFETS configured as a Dual Gate MOSFET. The board also contains the new 4 pole Crystal Filter followed by the 2nd IF AMP stage which is similar to the 1st IF Amp. Below is a photo of that board. I have tried to label the various sub-circuits so you can see the layout. The "squares" are 2/10 inch. The W1REX MePads would work ideal for this board.

Next here is a You Tube Video of the 3rd Generation. Close your mouth --yes that is a homebrew Simpleceiver that you can build!
 The last stage to be built is the RF Amplifier stage. This stage is very similar to the IF amp stages in design and given with what I have seen with the IF Amp stage should work quite well.
Given we are moving into the Holiday Season work will slow down a bit on the Transmitter stages but I will update the blog every so often with any late information I may have.
Pete N6QW

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