Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Simpleceiver ~ Part 24

A Single Schematic for the Simpleceiver!

Quite honestly I bristled a bit when I received several requests for a single overall schematic for the Simpleceiver project. Many of the inputs were if I had a single schematic I could better understand the project. Friends that is why we have the block diagram.
Well I guess my bent is if you don't understand the circuit blocks having the whole schematic may not lead to a "Level 5 Enlightenment". Another goal of the Simpleceiver was to encourage experimentation and the modules have been designed for the most part to enable matching to 50 Ohms. You can simply replace a Simpleceiver module with a different module and have a go at it so long as you look at the impedance match. An overall schematic may make that task more difficult.
But one kind soul  DuWayne, KV4QB has taken on the chore to create such a schematic which is in a pdf format (Sorry guys no GIF's or jpg --so don't send me an email about the quality coming from a pdf) It is only through the generosity of KV4QB that you have the singular pdf. Also please no emails can you break the circuit up into pdf blocks!
I have repeatedly stated the use of LT Spice in developing and working with such a project. A serious homebrewer needs to adopt and adapt to that tool. If you want to make circuit changes the first thing you should not do is send Pete and email asking me to do the analysis. You have the tools and examples, so you the homebrewer need  to ask the question of yourself about substitutions.
Click on this "LINK" and it will take you to the Simpleceiver Software link which is hosted on my website http://www.n6qw.com. There you will find the Simpleceiver Single Schematic in .pdf document.
Happy New Year to all of you.
Pete N6QW


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Pete.
    Tom, ak2b

  2. Thanks DuWayne, KV4QB for the schematic! Pete, thanks for the wealth of info on this blog, alot of time and effort went into it I'm sure. Happy New Year evryone!

    David Switzer KG7WFM

    1. Hi David,

      Enjoy and Happy New Year to you as well.

      Pete N6QW

  3. I did the schematic to make checking the layout for a surface mount version of the simple ceiver I plan on building. I will have information on the progress on my blog

  4. happy new year for Bill N2cqr and for all friends homebrewers ...simpleciver going on...my last recive test before i put it in the "black box " :)))



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