Monday, January 4, 2016

Simpleceiver~ Part 25

Temporarily QRT @ N6QW

Due a family medical emergency there will not be much coming out of the pipeline from N6QW for a short period of time. However there has been enough information presented to proceed with the transmitter portion. You would only need to add a pre-driver and driver stage plus the final amp and the low pass filter and you are there.
Here are some circuits to consider for the final pieces of the transmitter portion. These are proven circuits having been used in the 2009 Tri-bander, the JABOM and the KWM-4. I strongly recommend NOT using the IRF510 as is the favorite of the BITX crowd but instead put a real RF device in the final amp. For those who want to pick apart the pre-driver/driver check EMRFD for an explanation and specifications of the circuit. The RF Final is my own design and the LPF you can simulate in LT Spice. You will need to fit in a TR Relay and the final integration wiring. If  at this point you are not capable of doing that then I suggest you do some Internet research on how this is done. I just do not have the time right now to provide that information.

Good Luck and I hope this temporary cessation is in fact temporary. That said  the objective has been to share my experience and knowledge of how to scratch build a radio. The over documentation in this project was so that the project didn't end up like so many kits --solder all the resistors first and then .. Hopefully I have provided information on the functions of the circuits and how with tools like LT Spice it is possible for you the homebrewer to make changes. I know how to do it -- the important point is that you know how.
Pete N6QW