Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Simpleceiver Revisited

JH8SST/7's Implementation of the Simpleceiver.

For those of you turned off by the LDMOS amplifier project we are making a short detour back to the Simpleceiver project of late 2015 vintage. Jun, JH8SST/7 has built and improved upon the project originally documented on this blog. Kudos to Jun for adding an superb AGC system and by moving around some of the blocks in the project that improve its ability to handle very strong signals. Below is the schematic for Jun's version. Speaking of versions Jun has built both a 40M and 20M version. Linked below are two videos from JH8SST/7 that detail the two versions
Jun also has a blog that shows additional information on his project. Superb craftsmanship is a hallmark of his efforts. Jun's blog is located here. http://fujichrome.exblog.jp/
On my website http://www.n6qw .com is a pdf document that contains the schematic data.
Pete N6QW


  1. Very nice Jun, sounds great. Thanks for sharing with us Pete.
    David KG7WFM

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  4. Thanks a lot, David. N6QW's design based on LT Spice analyses was superb. This sipmleceiver is now my main receiver for 40m reception !

    JH8SST/7 Jun


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