Friday, January 6, 2017

More Hacking of the Bitx40

Still even more Hacking of the Bitx40!


1/7/2017 ~ Dress up your OLED Display!

Same code works for the Color or Black and White OLED

So there is no reason why your Bitx40 cannot have the finished feature rich appearance just like those kilobuck black boxes. Imagine that when you show off your rig to your friends you can get the OOOhs and Ahhhs and "Gee how do I do that" comment. Well you could check the EMRFD reflector but you might not find it there. QST probably doesn't have it either. But N6QW does!

Here is what I am saying! The OLED will have one display feature during receive but hit the PTT and the OLED displays something else. Release the PTT and it goes back to the normal mode. Now how cool is that?

This feature only takes a small additional modification to the hack I provided to switch in line an external linear amplifier. Yes I figured out the code kink. Email me at if you would like the code snippet. So aside from the code you will two diodes and one reed relay.

Another Bitx40 hack on the drawing boards is how to remotely start the coffee pot while you are in a QSO.

As Sir Winston Churchill so aptly said KBO!

Pete N6QW

BTW the Black and White version was the original development work for use on a 20M Transceiver. When I got it working it was a short distance to the Bitx40. Find that on EMRFD or QST?






Yet another hack of the Bitx40!

1/7/2017 The Arduino Sketch will be posted on my website using the link below. It will be on the Phase 7 page link.

Think small and smaller! When I built my Bitx40, the display add on  kit which I think now is the standard was not available. So in true ham fashion I simply "rolled my own". I thought I really got things small when I used an 8X2 backlit LCD coupled with the Pro-Mini  and AD9850
Well now there is something even smaller which I have working. See below. The size is less than one inch on a side. There are four step tuning ranges and include 10, 100, 1K, and 10K Hz. I am still working out a "code kink" so that when you transmit the "Bitx40" is replaced by the message "On The Air".
With the OLED + Si5351 it should be possible to shrink even further the overall footprint of the Bitx40. Not only is the physical size smaller; but the power requirements are significantly reduced. The new configuration will have the OLED, Pro-Mini and the Si5351.
Yes I could just buy the add on kit --but the rig was designed to be hacked!!!!!
Pete N6QW 

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