Thursday, January 26, 2017

You Never Know ...

Yes! Ham Radio Is a Very Small World!

As many who have read this blog for the last year or so know that my XYL is not in the best of health and as such we typically have a medical appointment almost every week. I literally have an autopilot button on my car's dashboard that says UCLA Healthcare Center, Thousand Oaks and boom we get there almost automatically.
This past Monday was no exception and the only exceptional thing is that we have been having a lot of rain the past several weeks and it was cold too! (Cold is relative at a mere 52 Degrees F.) Well at this time of year I love to wear my wool Beret as not only does it keep my head warm but also is a great chick magnet! The beret was not my headgear of choice on Monday since it was raining and my alternative was to wear my DX Engineering baseball cap. No I did not spend $9.95 and buy one; but it was sort of a consolation offering after DX Engineering screwed up an order of mine.
So yes it was really raining and the hat did keep my head dry and warm. Upon entering the facility we were met by Michael, a medical assistant, who has helped us before. Once we got in the exam room Michael says I see your hat with DX Engineering on it -- Are you a ham? Well it was a micro-second and I answered an affirmative yes and gave my call sign.
Well then Michael shares with me that he is soon to take the General Exam but his next stumbling block was what kind of a rig he could acquire while operating with a limited budget. As he was tending to my XYL, I wrote down my website, blog and the link to to find out more about the Bitx40 which is an ideal entry level rig for the new ham. At $59 including shipping it is a real deal!

I wished him luck and told him he could contact me through the website or blog. I can't describe the gleam in his eye when I shared I was a ham and perhaps had an answer to his rig problem.

In case you missed the hoopla you can find out more about the $59 rig and how to make it pay.

You just never know who has an interest in our wonderful hobby.

Pete N6QW

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